The Danish mink cull scandal, explained

In 2020, public officials in Denmark decided to cull the nation’s entire farmed mink population due to the pandemic The 2020 culling of Denmark’s entire farmed mink population had no legal justification, according to a parliamentary inquiry. Background: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s government decided to slaughter millions of mink to slow the spread of COVID-19,…

Fur Bans: Society Has Much More to Lose than Fashion

Far removed from urban activists, Jane Dragon makes hand and foot warmers outside her family home in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. The recent surge in anti-fur campaigning makes me feel angry, but also very sad. Angry, because most anti-fur rhetoric is so completely misinformed and malicious. Sad, because the public debate about fur is based…

The Fur Industry in 2 Minutes

The search for beautiful furs played a key role in North American history, but did you know that the fur trade is still important?
Today there are more than 200,000 licensed trappers across the United States.
These trappers are our eyes and ears on the land helping to keep wildlife in balance with available habitat.
Trapping is carefully regulated to ensure we use only part of the surplus that nature produces.
Only abundant fur bearers are used.
Never endangered species
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