Valuable Information from Mink & Fur Industry Websites

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North American Fur Organizations

Fur Council of Canada
American Fur Council
Fur Institute of Canada
Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Association
National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada
National Rex Rabbit Club (US)
North American Fur Industry Cooperative site through the support of retailers, manufacturers, auction houses and associations.
American Rabbit Breeders Association
Canada Mink Breeders Association
Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative Inc.  – Nonprofit membership organization chartered by the US Dept. of Agriculture.

Fur Related Publications

Fur Age (back issues, 1995-2007, US)
Fur-Fish-Game Magazine (Ohio, US) (Infur magazine)
Pellicce Moda (Italy)
Red Book International
Wild Fibers Magazine (US)d.

International Fur Organizations

Asociación Mexicana de Criadores de Chinchillas (Mexico) Spanish language.
Association of the Kastorian Fur Manufacturers (aka Kastorian Fur Association). Multilingual.
Associazione Italian Pelliccerie (Association of Italian Fur Operators) Italian language.
Associazione Italian Pelliccerie Piemonte (Association of Italian Fur Operators – Piemonte) Italian language.
 Industry site for the Netherlands. Dutch language.
British Fur Trade Association
China FurFarmers International Co., Ltd.
Chinchillas Eldorado S.R.L. (Argentina) Spanish language.
Chinchilla Industry Council
Criaçao de Chinchila. (Brazil) Portuguese language.
Deutsches Pelzinstitut (DPI) German language.
Dutch Fur Breeders (NFE) Dutch language.
Encarta Encyclopedia Encarta’s section on the fur trade.
European Fur Breeders Association
Federation Francaise des Metiers de la Fourrure. French language.
Federation Nationale de la Fourrure. French language.
Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association. Finnish language.
Finnish Fur Sales
Great Greenland
Greek Fur Center
Hong Kong Fur Federation
Instituto Portugues das Peles (Portuguese Institute of Fur and Leather). Portuguese language.
International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies – Fur Resources Technical Subcommittee
International Fur Animal Scientific Association (IFASA)
International Fur Trade Federation

International Fur Trade Federation OA (Origin Assured) website
Irish Fur Breeders’ Association
Italian Fur Federation (AIP)
Italian Mink Breeders Association
Kastorian Fur Association (aka Association of the Kastorian Fur Manufacturers). Multilingual.
Kopenhagen Fur
New Zealand Possum Products
Origin Assured (Information on the OA label launched by four auction houses and the IFTF)
Oslo Fur Auctions (Norwegian Fur Breeders’ Association)
Pelsinform Industry site for Norway. Norwegian language.
Swedish Fur Suppliers Association / Swedish Fur Trade Council
Sojuzpushnina (Russia)
Sveriges Pälsdjursuppfödares Riksförbund (SPR; Swedish Furbreeders’ Association; Swedish language)
Swiss Fur Association In German, French and Italian languages.

Other Fur Auctions Across the World
Fur Farming Resources: Suppliers

Links to suppliers do not represent endorsements of those suppliers by Fur Commission USA
Black Willow Mink Fur farm, UT
Buhl-Frye Fur farm, IL.
Think Mink Fort Jones, CA
Sojuzpushnina (Russia)

Fur Farming Resources: Tanning & Dressing

Links to suppliers do not represent endorsements of those suppliers by Fur Commission USA

An introduction to natural tanning.
Basic Tanning with trapper Randy Nelson.
Brain Tanning Furs by George Michaud
Carolina Fur Dressing (NC)
DogCreek Tannery, Inc. (OK)
Manifattura Italiana del Brembo (Italy)
Moyle Mink and Tannery “Official tannery of the National Trappers Association”; includes photo tour of tannery, tanning tips.
MPV Franke KG (Germany)
Saga Furs information.
Wildlife Gallery Inc., The (MI, TX)
Spanish Tanners (Curtidores Españoles)
WTC Tanning Seminar videos


Fur Farming Resources: Veterinary

Links to suppliers do not represent endorsements of those suppliers by Fur Commission USA

2000 Report of the AMVA Panel on Euthanasia American Veterinary Medical Association. (PDF format)

Fur Fashion: Retailers (New Furs)

Please consult the American Mink Council website.

Fur Fashion: Retailers (Tanning & Dressing)

Links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by Fur Commission USA.

Alpha Fur Dressers Anchorage

Rittel’s Tanning Supplies

H&H Fur Dressing, Inc.
 Reed City

Pan American Leathers, Inc. Johnstown

Allred Taxidermy Supplies Hendersonville
Lonestar Wool & Fur Sheepskin, furs and hides. Smithfield

International Manufacturers
International Retailers: Tanning & Dressing

Links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by Fur Commission USA.

Naked Possum Tannery (New Zealand)

International Retailers: Other Products

Links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by Fur Commission USA. (Europe)

Other Animal Fibers: General

Breeds of Livestock Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University

Other Animal Fibers: Leather

Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community (COTANCE)
International Council of Tanners

Kangaroo leather qualities. A review by the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia.
Leather Apparel Association
 Representing manufacturers, cleaners, suppliers, tanners and retailers who collectively account for over 60% of US leather apparel sales.
Leather terms. Courtesy of the American Sheep Industry Association.
Spanish Council of Tanners and Acexpiel (Leather Industry Association of Spain for Foreign Trade)

Other Animal Fibers: Rabbit

Natural rabbit skin pictures Courtesy of Chichester, Inc., Niagara Falls, NY

Other Animal Fibers: Rabbit