Ag is #1 with SAGES Students

Students attending School for Agriculture and Environmental Studies (SAGES) in Fox Lake can rattle off at least a dozen commodities in which the Badger state ranks No. 1 including cranberries, mink pelts and milk goats.
Now in its fourth year, the Fox Lake-based charter school has set aside a day during National Ag Week to give students in grades 4K through 8 an up close look at a diverse cross section of the state’s agriculture industry thanks to a host of presenters representing the diverse face of agriculture.
Presentations this year centered around the theme “Agriculture: How we rank #1 in the Nation”. Students rotated among seven stations that promoted hands-on exploration of Wisconsin commodities including cranberries, cheese, beets for processing, cabbage for sauerkraut, milk goats, mink and ginseng.

The Pros and Cons of Modern Farming

The following article first appeared in the Mar. 21, 2001 issue of The PERC Report, published by the Bozeman, Montana-based Political Economy Research Center, and is reproduced with permission. By Indur M. Goklany: a PERC Julian Simon Fellow in 2000. He is the author of Clearing the Air [Cato Institute] and many studies of the links…