U.S. fur imports plunge in July

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The following extract is reproduced with permission from Sandy Parker Reports, Weekly International Fur News. Sandy Parker has been covering the fur industry for more than four decades. For most of that time he has published a weekly newsletter, detailing results of international pelt auctions, wholesale price trends, business developments and movements in the trade, as well as economic and political activities that may impact on it.

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International Fur News
with Sandy Parker

U.S. fur imports plunge in July

FUR APPAREL IMPORTS INTO THE U.S. PLUNGED IN JULY, continuing the long downtrend and reflecting lower prices as well as retailers’ conservative approach to the season ahead. Imports from all sources dropped 46% to $9.9 million, the biggest decline being in the mink sector which fell 47% to $4.3 million, while other furs dropped 45% to $5.7 million. This brought the seven-month total to $36 million, a decline of 31% from the same period last year. This consisted of $18.2 million in mink, down 30%, and $17.8 million in other furs, off 33%. Unit figures are not available, but since average prices are down only about 20% to 25%, it is apparent that the units also are off.

The biggest drop was in shipments from Hong Kong/China, the main supplier. Imports from that source in the latest month amounted to $4.5 million, down 45%.

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U.S. Imports Plunge in July

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