Testimony of Teresa Platt, Executive Director, Fur Commission USA

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Testimony of Teresa Platt, Executive Director, Fur Commission USA

to the Committee on Resources, Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, Oversight Hearing on “Public and Private Resource Management And Protection Issues in the National Forest Systems”

Tuesday, May 18, 1999, 2:00 p.m., Committee Room 1334, Longworth HOB

Document 1:
An Open Letter to Our Neighbors from Pipkorn Mink Ranch
(December 1998; Relating to a fur farm raid in Michigan in October 1998)

Document 2:
Terror on the Beasts’ Behalf. Loose coalition of extremists championing animal rights steps up a national campaign of destructive raids against fur, leather and meat businesses
Article in USA Today, Nov. 12, 1998, reproduced with permission.

Document 3:
Animal Activists Applaud 2 Fires ; Credit All but Taken for USDA Site Blazes
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 24, 1998; By Scott Sunde and Paul Shukovsky

The Animal Liberation Front, a radical and loosely organized group associated with fires, break-ins and other crimes of protest, has applauded the arson that destroyed two Olympia-area U.S. Agriculture Department buildings, and it all but took credit for the blazes.

“Most certainly I believe this is an ALF action,” said Katie Fedor, an Animal Liberation Front spokeswoman in the Minneapolis area. But she said that couldn’t be determined for certain without a “communique” from those responsible, which seems unlikely to occur. ‘It would be very, very risky for these people to claim full credit,” Fedor said.

Federal investigators probing the weekend fires at a USDA research laboratory and an administrative office for a wildlife eradication program are skeptical of the claims.

“We’re investigating it with an open mind,” said Jim Provencher, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Seattle. “Many suspect that (animal rights activism) is the motive to these fires. Is that true? It possibly could be true. We’re not limiting our focus to that.”

Another federal law enforcement official noted that nothing links the fires to the Animal Liberation Front except a press release the group faxed to news media this week. No physical evidence has been found at the fire linking it to the group, the source said. Investigators found no animal rights graffiti or literature at the scene.

The Animal Liberation Front operates in cells independent of each other, Fedor said. The organization is so security-minded that it urges people who send e-mail to the group to use encryptions, and re-mailers to allow the e-mail to be sent anonymously.

“Their operational security is excellent,” the federal law enforcement official said. “They do surveillance in advance, pay cash for things purchased at various out-of-town locations, and only talk to those who need to know.”

The Animal Liberation Front was once listed by the FBI as a terrorist group, but has since been removed from the list because “it is so difficult to categorize as a group, so amorphous,” said Charles Mandigo, assistant special agent in charge of the Seattle FBI office.

The Animal Liberation Front has taken credit for a number of crimes in the Northwest, most notably a fire in 1991 at an Edmonds cooperative that made food for mink farms, and a break-in and vandalism that year at Washington State University laboratories. Federal prosecutors later linked those crimes to Rodney Coronado, an Arizona man who saw himself as an Animal Liberation Front spokesman.

In 1995, he pleaded guilty to firebombing offices at Michigan State University and was sentenced to nearly five years in prison. As part of his plea bargain, he acknowledged responsibility for the Edmonds fire at the Northwest Farm Food Cooperative, said Tim VerHey, who prosecuted Coronado in federal court in Michigan.

The cooperative has since moved to a new location in Snohomish County and has tighter security, said Dale Lawson, its comptroller.

“In reality, there is no ALF,” Lawson said. ‘It is people who belong to other animal-rights groups or have animal-rights ideas. They use ALF to take the blame or credit for something. . . . There is no membership organization.”

Fedor said there would be no communique from those responsible for the Olympia fires because federal investigators and others will be monitoring Animal Liberation Front activities. “They did this to save as many animals as possible. They are not able to save animals sitting in prison,” Fedor said.

Yesterday, federal investigators completed going through the remains of the fires and will send evidence off to a government laboratory in San Francisco for analysis.

The arson fires began outside two USDA facilities:

  • A lab near Littlerock, south of Olympia, where the U.S. Forest Service does research in ways to keep wildlife from damaging trees.
  • An administrative office of the Agriculture Department’s Wildlife Services near The Evergreen State College. The division was until recently known as Animal Damage Control. It is involved in getting rid of unwanted wildlife – Canada geese in the Seattle area, birds that are a hazard around Sea-Tac Airport, and predators on ranches and farms like coyotes. In some cases, division personnel kill wildlife.

The fires occurred before dawn Sunday and caused injuries to neither people nor animals.

The two fires together caused about $750,000 in damage, said Gary Oldenburg, state director for Wildlife Services. His office has been the focus of at least one protest a year, he said from temporary offices. Its next offices will have tighter security.

In a news release, the Animal Liberation Front called the two facilities “vivisection laboratories” and said the fires were “a perfect example of the type of non-violent, professional action that the ALF is known for around the world.”

It says its aims in such actions are no injuries, freeing animals from farms or laboratories, hurting economically “those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals,” and revealing the “horror and atrocities” against animals.

The Animal Liberation Front’s Web page includes tips to “fur farm raiders.” Among other things, it suggests wearing gloves, though “unfortunately, leather is the only real option.”

The Web page also includes dozens of crimes in the name of animal liberation. This month, it highlighted the destruction of livestock and dairy trucks in Great Britain and Sweden, a break-in at a Utah mink farm and the Olympia fires.

In 1997, a group claiming to be the front’s Puget Sound unit took credit for pouring paint and acid in a chicken-processing plant in Seattle and taking away three of the birds, which “were placed in loving homes.”

That year an Oregon group took credit for releasing several thousand mink from a farm near Cle Elum.

Other Acts of Sabotage

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed credit or been linked to sabotage, break-ins, fires and others crimes in the name of helping animals around the world. Its presence in the Northwest surfaced in 1991 when:

  • An arson fire in June caused extensive damage to the Northwest Farm Food Cooperative in Edmonds. The cooperative supplied food to mink farms.
  • An arson fire in June struck a mink research laboratory at Oregon State University.
  • Animals were freed and equipment was damaged in August at labs at Washington State University.

Since 1997, the group has taken credit for several incidents in the Northwest, including:

  • Vandalism at a chicken-processing plant in Seattle in March 1997.
  • Freeing 10,000 mink at a farm in Mount Angel, Ore. The group claimed it was the “largest-ever fur farm raid.”
  • Setting free several thousand mink at a farm near Cle Elum.
  • Destroying a slaughterhouse in Redmond, Ore., by fire in July 1997. The plant processed horse meat.
  • Freeing several thousand minks and some foxes at a fur farm in Preston, Idaho, in October 1997.

Document 4:
New Style Terrorist Is A Lone Fanatic
Article in The Times (London), May 4, 1999; By Michael Binyon, diplomatic editor.

TODAY’S terrorist is likely to be a loner, driven by religious or personal motives and with access to chemical and biological weapons. He could cause destruction on a far larger scale than the politically motivated terrorists of the 1970s, and is far more dangerous.

This assessment is given today in the annual report of the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies. It says that there is a danger that the new terrorist could acquire nuclear weapons, “which they might not hesitate to use”.

It states that old-style terrorist groups inspired by Marxism-Leninism are on the decline in the West, their prospects dimmed by the collapse of communism. Their place is being taken by fanatics who are less disciplined and are driven by religious or millenarian beliefs or by motives such as revenge and punishment. For two decades until the early 1980s, politically inspired terrorists restrained their use of violence to pursue ideological or national-separatist goals, the report says. Although these old-style terrorists are still operating, they might soon be eclipsed by a new variety.

“The new terrorists are likely to be more indiscriminate and more lethal than the old. Some are more sophisticated in technological, operational and other terms than earlier terrorists.” They are often loners or working in small, loose-knit groups. It cites as examples the Unabomber campaign, run by Theodore Kaczynski for 20 years, and the informal terrorist-financing network of Osama bin Laden, the Saudi exile in Afghanistan.

They are often inspired by single issues, such as environmental degradation, animal rights or abortion. Doctors and abortion clinics across America have been the target of action, including a number of anthrax hoaxes and a bombing in North Carolina. Attacks on tourists are also growing: the massacre of 58 tourists at Luxor in Egypt, the kidnapping and killing of tourists in Yemen and Uganda are recent examples.

Terrorist weapons range from the improvised and primitive to the highly technical and sophisticated. But despite a wider range of technological possibilities, today’s terrorists, as in the past, favour old-fashioned guns and bombs, the report says. Bombings, such as those in Oklahoma City, Nairobi and Omagh, are the most common acts. They are also the deadliest.

Alarmingly, terrorists are also using more efficient weapons than before. Bombs have more sophisticated fuses and higher-energy explosives, and guns include automatic and plastic weapons. Surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles are also in their hands.

The report adds: “Fears that new patterns of terrorism threaten acts of mass destruction and mass disruption are not entirely out of place.” It says that America has become increasingly concerned about threats from nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism and “cyber-terrorism”.

As in the past, terrorists carry out attacks for publicity, money, to extract revenge or to inflict punishment. These actions are a way for weaker states to challenge the West. The report gives a bleak assessment of Western responses to today’s terrorists, questioning the effectiveness of diplomacy, international co-operation and occasional use of military force. “These new-style terrorists are more difficult to identify, and they have no territory to defend or to be attacked.”

Document 5:
From the website of ATWA (http://www.atwa.com/atwa.htm)

ATWA — Air, Trees, Water, Animals. ATWA is your survival on earth. It’s a revolution against pollution. ATWA is ATWAR with pollution — a holy war. You are either working for ATWA — life — or you’re working for death. Fix it and live or run from it and die.

Quotes from Manson –

All we say to each other can be true, right, and reassuring, but what good is it without ATWA? ATWA is like an earth ship and pollution is a hole in it and it is sinking as we are all playing ego roles of games that do nothing for ATWA. All live for ATWA or no one lives. All must have a one world government, money, army, all in order to bring order in fast and reset all to ATWA for life itself and all life support systems set in order, balance, and God’s will. Real of it is who would want the job? No one, no one. But zero knows that without one there will be no one. Someone must pick up the one and that’s what we did and it is running and rolling now. If a man stood and yelled all the names of all the bugs and bushes, wildlife and birds that are becoming extinct, gone from earth, he would be yelling all day and all night. Life is dying faster each day and there is zero, no one who will pick it up to try. The last people who picked it up to fix it was killed (swastika). Japan was running out of space and Germany’s only got 15 eagles left and money cuts billions of trees each day.

Your planet is dying and so-called humans can’t forgive the kids of the 60s for trying to warn you to bring change, stop the war and turn it around.

When I seen the end of life on earth I set a circle of love and it set me; love for the air, trees, water, and animals.

I’m around and through time’s face play. I’m not playing personality face play or fake phony games of bullshit. I’m rolling to redeem trees and life on earth.

25 years in the real service of ATWA has been wasted by not giving Manson his rights.

The people sold your last chance to survive the holocaust (the ongoing destruction of ATWA). In short, the Manson is the same as it’s always been. Manson is the man of god people always condemn and punish for telling the truth they never want to hear.

Ecology, ecology, ecology is god, for without it we are dead forever – no life on earth. …God’s coming is not for the glory of people but the kingdom of life and that’s bugs, birds, bees, wildlife, trees, fish. and animals.

Ecology, ecology, ecology is god, for without it we are dead forever – no life on earth. …God’s coming is not for the glory of people but the kingdom of life and that’s bugs, birds, bees, wildlife, trees, fish.

When you live for what others think, you’re not ATWA. You’re not alive.

WAR on the pollution, WAR on the problem, not war on life.

We’ve got to start all over again. And that’s what we did in 1967, we started a rebirth movement. I got out of the penitentiary and I started all over. And I said, “I’m not going to break the law.” And I did not break the law. What needs to be done, and the judgments that came from me, is on any computer that has any data that’s substance. You ask that computer what are we going to do to stop those polar caps from melting? What are we going to do to keep those ozones in proportion? How are we going to save the North Sea? Why ain’t we fishing? Why are all the seals gone? Where’s the birds at? You dig?

ATWA has a karma of its own. Law’s vortex rolls on pure survival. Anyone who has distorted my life with their greed or reasons for promotions, jobs, or excuses has distorted and taken time from the karma of ATWA and in order for ATWA to survive all balance must be paid to the perfection of numbers 666 or there just won’t be no life. God is a perfect balance of all. Good and evil got little to do with it.

All the rivers lakes water is only one water –
All the trees and bushes are but one green –
All air is but one air –
All life bug fish bird dog cat rat are but one life Ð

The same order for Earth that the Germans started on for the new 1000 years.

You got X amount of time to save ATWA. Bottom line is anyone who sins against ATWA must pay it back or get on trains to the death camps or Russian Front.

An interview with Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme, and Sandra Good

Can you tell those who don’t otherwise know about ATWA it’s goals, outlooks and purposes.

CM: Survival.

SG: ATWA stands for Air, Trees. Water, Animals. It’s also for All The Way Alive. ATWA is your survival on earth. You are either working for ATWA – life – or you’re working for death. Fix it and live or run from it and die. As Manson woke up, he brought everyone at the ranch into the thought of one world, one mind, one peace on earth. He wrote, “I won’t sell my Soul 4 it’s for ATWA. That’s the only way life on earth can be alive. The will of God is life. Get in God’s will or die. Die can be done in the mind’s thought pattern and new life can be brought in focus.”

Are you familiar with, or in contact with the more radical environmental groups – Earth First!, Sea Shepherds, ALF, etc?

CM: We started the root thoughts for most or a lot.

LF: We aren’t part of a group. We’re related to air, trees, water, and animals. Groups I’ve seen perpetuate the paperwork to sustain themselves. “Environmental groups” get a name, a following, and, if they’re not mean enough, a lot of politically, racially, and sexually motivated people take over their forums. The word “environment” itself has a technical sound implying some place out there away from where we are. Point blank: you can live about seven to ten minutes without air, about seven to ten days without water, about seven to ten weeks without food. Trees and vegetation make air. Animals – the entire spectrum of creatures commonly called ‘animals ‘- fertilize, aerate, pollinate, clean, and give land and water its vitality and health.

How does ATWA perceive a change coming?

CM: Do or die.

It seems as though many people are sympathetic with ATWA. Do you think our days are reflectivc of the late 60’s? Lots of interest, a small amount of real action, followed by an apathetic transgression into a blind form of acceptance?

CM: FUCK people they are the problem.

SG: The movements of the late 60’s/early 70’s were in a large part people selling “revolution”, “peace”, and “love”. The for real people were what the media tagged as “The Manson Family”. That’s why the people who fake for money have for 27 years been covering us up with lies and distortions. A lot of people sell anything they can, including concern for life on earth. Part of my 15 year sentence was for telling all the environmental groups “Quit faking!”. We gave our lives for brother and for ATWA and after all these years none of those groups saw or responded. They can’t see our real because they are fakes. They play all that, “It’s wrong to kill or go to war to save your own life on earth.” I’d say: This is a war on pollution, on the problems, a war for life.People can say that the “enemy” is all that is in the human psyche that sets it against itself — self destructiveness: that which moves one to defeat one’s self, one’s life on earth, one’s peace, one’s love, one’s joy in the experience of living, one’s soul, one’s creativity, one’s children, family, kin, and kind. Millions of trees are cut to print more and more books analyzing the human condition and how to deal with the worldwide breakdown of order, health and sanity. More cups, posters and shirts are sold showing what has and is becoming extinct. You can name the human condition however you will — alienated, wrongly conditioned, inherently good or evil, in need of… etc. There are countless people to tell us what is wrong and to sell us their physical, metaphysical, or spiritual cures. You can attempt to stave off the creeping poisoning of one’s own body. Air and water are life. If your air and water are full of the emissions of millions of cars and factories, your life is poisoned. So you can try all kinds of things to stave off the nightmare that each knows in his soul is growing worse each day — a world with no order, no leadership, no trees, 100’s of millions of cars, brown, smelly skies, and frenzied two-legged creatures mindlessly ravaging the earth till there’s nothing left.

It seems as though CM is reappearing in the public again quite a bit recently. Could this gain support for ATWA if put out where everyone can see it (or maybe they don’t want to see it)?

SG: If people can’t see by now that their own lives on earth are dying each day in the air and water, in the trees and in the wildlife, then they are truly the walking dead and nothing will wake them up. Let the dead bury the dead. The mass of people are sheep and move whichever way the money or the biggest fear tells them to move. When air and water get bad enough people will do as they are told. It doesn’t matter what people think. It’s what is. Do you want to live? Then fix your air and water. Save your trees and wildlife. Those who war upon any part of nature are warring upon themselves and their children. ATWA is ATWAR with pollution. ATWA is a revolution against pollution. ATWA is a holy war.

LF: Manson is new thought, old soul, and still right.

What is ATWA’s view on the population explosion? What can be done to stop the weeds?

CM: Survive at all cost. When it comes to the dead heads there is no game no slack, not an act: real or death will be a reality.

SG: It is impossible for the natural resources of the planet to sustain the burgeoning human population. Even if lifestyles were to change worldwide to have minimal impact on ATWA the sheer numbers cannot be supported. What can be done to stop the weeds? Chemical spraying, widespread and intensive, has been going on for decades. I was in federal prison for ten years because I warned of the consequences of such pervasive poisoning. I warned that cancers and all kinds of social breakdown would be epidemic as a result of pollution. So you see, peoples’ own death wishes are taking care of some of the population problem. However, laws in accord with need for survival will have to be made and enforced. Such laws will not be forthcoming from the ball-less money minds that call themselves public servants. The destruction of ATWA and over- population are world problems and must he dealt with on a world level in a world court.

LF: Many animals, by God, reproduce and care for what the food and water supply will support. If they can do it we can do it.

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