Fur Industry (North America)

American Rabbit Breeders Association

Canada Mink Breeders AssociationCanada Chinchilla Net

Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative Inc. Nonprofit membership organization chartered by the US Dept. of Agriculture.
Fur Council of Canada

Fur Information Council of America
Fur Institute of Canada
Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Association
Michigan’s Fur Bearing Animal Industry By Richard J. Aulerich, Michigan State University Extension, Ag Experiment Station Special Reports. (July 1998)
National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada
National Rex Rabbit Club (US)
North American Fur Industry Cooperative site through the support of retailers, manufacturers, auction houses and associations.
USDA statistics on mink Industry in the U.S. (PDF format)



American Legend Auctions (formerly Seattle Fur Exchange)
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.
North American Fur Auctions + NAFA Market Bulletins
Western Canadian Raw Fur Auction Sales Ltd.


Fur Fashion Forums


A brief history of the fur trade, by the White Oak Society, MN.
Canada Hall – The Fur Trade Provided by the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corp.
Deep River Fur Farm
 Pictorial history of Deep River Fur Farm, founded in 1925 and once one of the largest inSaskatchewan.
Feeding the Fad for Furs Overview of the early fur trade in Oregon, provided by End of the Oregon Trail.
History of the fur trade in Utah From the Utah History Encyclopedia.
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives
Hudson’s Bay Company Gallery and Museum Collection
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade. Devoted to the history, traditions, tools and lifestyle of the trappers, explorers and traders known as the Mountain Men.
Museum of the Fur Trade
Traders in the Midwestern Fur Business
The Fur Trade Period in Indian Territory

Retailers (new furs)

See Fur Information Council of America.

Retailers (pre-owned furs)
(N.B.: links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by FCUSA.)

Coat Check, The, Brooklyn, NY. Fur restyling.
Furs by Chrys. Greenwood, IN.
Henry Cowit, Inc. & Madison Ave. Furs Ltd., New York, NY.

Retailers (tanning and dressing)
(N.B.: links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by FCUSA.)

Alpha Fur Dressers Anchorage.

Rittel’s Tanning Supplies

H&H Fur Dressing, Inc.
Reed City.

Pan American Leathers, Inc. Johnstown.

Allred Taxidermy Supplies Hendersonville.
Lonestar Wool & Fur Sheepskin, furs and hides. Smithfield.

Retailers (other products)
(N.B.: links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by FCUSA.), Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Mermac mink oil products, Scio, OR., gloves in any kind of fur, Rocklin, CA.
NeoBeauty, mink oil for skin care, Los Angeles, CA.
George’s Shoes, mink oil for waterproofing, Arden Hills, MN.

(N.B.: links to suppliers do not represent endorsements of those suppliers by FCUSA.)

American Legend
Black Willow Mink. Fur farm, UT.
Buhl-Frye Fur farm, IL.
Think Mink. Fort Jones, CA.


Alaska Trappers Association
Friends of Fur
International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies – Furbearer Resources Technical Work Group
Louisiana Fur and Alligator Advisory Council

Missouri Trappers Association
Montana Trappers Association
National Trappers Association
New Hampshire Trappers Association
North Dakota Fur Takers Chapter of Furtakers of America.
Ohio State Trappers Association
Pennsylvania Trappers Association, Inc.
Tennessee Fur Harvesters Association
West Virginia Trappers Association
Wild About (educational)
Wisconsin Trappers Association

How to skin a beaver. From


2000 Report of the AMVA Panel on Euthanasia American Veterinary Medical Association. (PDF format)

Fur Industry (international)

Asociación Mexicana de Criadores de Chinchillas (Mexico) Spanish language.
Association of the Kastorian Fur Manufacturers (aka Kastorian Fur Association). Multilingual.
Associazione Italian Pelliccerie (Association of Italian Fur Operators) Italian language.
Associazione Italian Pelliccerie Piemonte (Association of Italian Fur Operators – Piemonte) Italian language.
 Industry site for the Netherlands. Dutch language.
British Fur Trade Association
China FurFarmers International Co., Ltd.
Chinchillas Eldorado S.R.L. (Argentina) Spanish language.
Chinchilla Industry Council
Criaçao de Chinchila. (Brazil) Portuguese language.
Deutsches Pelzinstitut (DPI) German language.
Dutch Fur Breeders (NFE) Dutch language.
Encarta Encyclopedia Encarta’s section on the fur trade.
European Fur Breeders Association
Federation Francaise des Metiers de la Fourrure. French language.
Federation Nationale de la Fourrure. French language.
Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association. Finnish language.
Finnish Fur Sales
Great Greenland
Greek Fur Center
Hong Kong Fur Federation
Instituto Portugues das Peles (Portuguese Institute of Fur and Leather). Portuguese language.
International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies – Fur Resources Technical Subcommittee
International Fur Animal Scientific Association (IFASA)
International Fur Trade Federation

International Fur Trade Federation OA (Origin Assured) website
Irish Fur Breeders’ Association
Italian Fur Federation (AIP)
Italian Mink Breeders Association
Kastorian Fur Association (aka Association of the Kastorian Fur Manufacturers). Multilingual.
Kopenhagen Fur
New Zealand Possum Products
Origin Assured (Information on the OA label launched by four auction houses and the IFTF)
Oslo Fur Auctions (Norwegian Fur Breeders’ Association)
Pelsinform Industry site for Norway. Norwegian language.
Swedish Fur Suppliers Association / Swedish Fur Trade Council
Sojuzpushnina (Russia)
Sveriges Pälsdjursuppfödares Riksförbund (SPR; Swedish Furbreeders’ Association; Swedish language) Swiss Fur Association In German, French and Italian languages.


Finnish Fur Sales
Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark)
Oslo Fur Auctions (Norway)
Sojuzpushnina (Russia)


Fur Fashion Forums
Fur Fashion Guide
International Fur Trade Federation – Fashion
Saga Furs of Scandinavia


HeBei XingYe Fur Co., Ltd. (China)
Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd.

Retailers – international (tanning and dressing)
(N.B.: links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by FCUSA.)

Naked Possum Tannery (New Zealand)

Retailers – international (other products)
(N.B.: links to retailers do not represent endorsements of those retailers by FCUSA.) (Europe)


Fur Animal Farm Department of Animal Science and Animal Health, Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University. (Denmark)

Fur-Related Publications

Fur Age (back issues, 1995-2007, US)
Fur-Fish-Game Magazine (Ohio, US) (Infur magazine)
Pellicce Moda (Italy)
Red Book International
Sandy Parker Reports (US)
Wild Fibers Magazine (US)

Fur Industry (Miscellaneous)

Beaver Hoops

Beaverhoops. Stevens Point, WI.

Tanning and Dressing

(See also North American retailers.)

An introduction to natural tanning.
Basic Tanning with trapper Randy Nelson.
Brain Tanning Furs by George Michaud
Carolina Fur Dressing (NC)
DogCreek Tannery, Inc. (OK)
Manifattura Italiana del Brembo (Italy)
Moyle Mink and Tannery “Official tannery of the National Trappers Association”; includes photo tour of tannery, tanning tips.
MPV Franke KG (Germany)
Saga Furs information.
Wildlife Gallery Inc., The (MI, TX)
Spanish Tanners (Curtidores Españoles)
WTC Tanning Seminar videos

Other Animal Fibers


Breeds of Livestock Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University.


Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community (COTANCE)
International Council of Tanners

Kangaroo leather qualities. A review by the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia.
Leather Apparel Association
 Representing manufacturers, cleaners, suppliers, tanners and retailers who collectively account for over 60% of US leather apparel sales.
Leather terms. Courtesy of the American Sheep Industry Association.
Spanish Council of Tanners and Acexpiel (Leather Industry Association of Spain for Foreign Trade)


Natural rabbit skin pictures (courtesy of Chichester, Inc., Niagara Falls, NY)


American Sheep Industry Association
Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute
Perino. Merino wool / possum fiber from New Zealand.
Wool Is Best. Australian Wool and Sheep Industry Taskforce.
Woolmark Company, The
Woolmark Design International

Agriculture (U.S.)

Advocates for Agriculture., L.L.C. Providing farmers and ranchers with a complete and timely source of information on agricultural policy.
Agricultural Organizations Online
 Links page to a broad range of ag organizations.
American Agri-Women
American Farm Bureau Federation See also links to all State Farm Bureaus in the US.
Animal Agriculture Alliance
Livestock Virtual Library Provided by Oklahoma State University.
National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)
National Institute of Animal Agriculture
State statutes LII collection of state legal materials gathers Internet-accessible sources of the constitutions, statutes, judicial opinions, and regulations for the 50 states, plus D.C., and the US territories and affiliated jurisdictions.
Truth About Trade and Technology
US Department of Agriculture

Agriculture (international) An e-commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers in China with partners abroad. English and Chinese languages.
Heifer Project International

Animal Welfare / Rights

American Veterinary Medical Association
“Animal Rights News”

Animal Welfare Council
Ecoterror Response Network
National Animal Interest Alliance
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
University of British Columbia — Animal Welfare Program
USDA Animal Welfare Information Center

Medical Research

Americans for Medical Progress Educational Foundation
Incurably Ill for Animal Research (Lansing, MI)
National Association for Biomedical Research

Resource Use (general; U.S.)

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Competitive Enterprise Institute Pro-market, public policy group committed to advancing the principles of free enterprise and limited government.
National Anxiety Center Alan Caruba’s site dedicated to debunking environmental myths.
National Wilderness Institute
Oregon Lands Coalition
Provider Pals

Resource Use (general; international)

Countryside Alliance An influential British NGO whose mission is: “To champion the countryside, country sports and the rural way of life.”

Wildlife Resources

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
High North Alliance
Idaho Wildlife Council
International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Inuit Circumpolar Conference (Canada)
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada
IWMC World Conservation Trust
Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia
Man In Nature”
Understanding Seals and Sealing in Canada From the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

United States Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Service
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Wildlife Management International Pty. Ltd.
World Council of Whalers

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Ag Links
American Farm Bureau (Links)
Man In Nature (Links)

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