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PRESS RELEASE: Activist complaints unfounded. Wisconsin mink farmer exonerated by investigators

In the Media, Key Reports, News Jan 15, 2016

Fur Commission USA Activist complaints unfounded. Wisconsin mink farmer exonerated by investigators No evidence of animal cruelty was found by state authorities and it has been determined there is no reason for charges to be filed, despite complaints lodged by activists after a PETA undercover operative spent 3 months secretly filming a Wisconsin mink farm. […]

PRESS RELEASE: Farm association concerned by activist group’s claims of abuse; calls for swift investigation.

In the Media, News Jan 12, 2016

Fur Commission USA Farm association concerned by activist group’s claims of abuse; calls for swift investigation… American mink farmers are committed to providing best possible care for their animals Monday morning a mink farmer in Wisconsin was told that a complaint had been filed with the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department, alleging animal cruelty on his farm.  […]

Fur Industry Positioned for Another Strong Season

In the Media, News Dec 02, 2015

LOS ANGELES — Bolstered by healthy retail gains in 2014, U.S. fur retailers are positioned for another strong selling season in 2015-16.  According to the Fur Information Council of America (FICA), sales by traditional retail fur stores in the U.S. were $1.5 billion in 2014, a 7.3% increase over 2013.

Fur is beautiful and cruel, purposeful and erotic

In the Media, News, Perspectives Sep 16, 2015

We all belong to the same bare race. We all, ultimately, care for the same things, and we are all naked apes, the children of fur. Wear it or don’t wear it, but don’t imagine you have a philosophical or anthropological right to tell anyone else what they should or shouldn’t do. We’ve all been […]

FBI arrests Animal Rights Extremists for 2013 farm attacks

In the Media, Key Reports, News Jul 28, 2015

Animal Rights Activists Accused of Going on Cross-Country Spree; Defendants drove 40,000 miles to release thousands of mink from farms in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere SAN DIEGO – Animal-rights activists Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane were arrested by the FBI today and charged with terrorizing the fur industry during cross-country road trips in […]

Lagerfeld’s Fendi Haute Fourrure Show a Celebration of Fur

Featured Articles, In the Media Jul 09, 2015

Karl Lagerfeld celebrated 50 years with Fendi on July 8 by putting on an Haute Fourrure show, the first all-fur show in the history of the Paris Couture Shows. If further proof was needed that fur is now firmly embedded into mainstream fashion, this was it.

Fur seeks new look as traditional markets fade

In the Media, News May 29, 2015

“In fashion terms it’s never been stronger,” International Fur Trade Federation’s chief executive Mark Oaten said. “We have very high production levels and I expect those will remain very strong in Europe and America.” A stronger economy, cold winters and fashion show exposure have fueled sales on America’s east coast. Fur was featured in about […]

Meat eaters shouldn’t throw rocks at fur wearers

In the Media, Perspectives May 26, 2015

Those who eschew fur and eat meat might be inclined to say the latter is more functional, since it provides a useful source of protein. They ignore the fact that fur provides a useful source of warmth. And it has some real advantages even over well-made fakes: It’s much better at absorbing moisture, say scientists, […]

Fur: Has a new generation shrugged off the old stigma?

In the Media Apr 01, 2015

The Telegraph (UK) New statistics from the International Fur Federation suggest a once-reviled industry is thriving. Hannah Betts explores the changing social attitudes to fur. By Hannah Betts 27 Mar 2015 The fur industry, a phrase that used to have to be uttered sotto voce, has released figures to demonstrate that, far from being an object […]

Fur Trade Booming after swing from Fashion Faux Pas to Catwalk Favourite

Featured Articles, In the Media, News Mar 26, 2015

In 1994, four of the world’s most famous supermodels were splashed across billboards under the slogan “We’d rather go naked than wear fur”. Fast-forward 21 years and it seems it is now another story for Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Cindy Crawford, who have been pictured in fur coats, gilets and trimmed parkas.