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Fur Commission USA is a non-profit trade association representing 400 mink-farming families on over 300 farms in more than two dozen states. Through their cooperatives, North American Fur Auctions and American Legend, these farmers market 3 million of the world’s finest mink pelts valued at almost $200 million to wholesalers in over 30 countries.

Our volunteer board and committees work to ensure superior standards of animal husbandry through our own certification program, and to educate the public about responsible fur farming and the merits of fur.

Farmed fur is a natural fiber and an environment-friendly resource. By feeding domesticated carnivores the “leftovers” from human food production (beef, fish, dairy, poultry), fur farmers reduce the environmental impact of the agricultural sector as a whole. And when your fur jacket comes to the end of its long life, it’s biodegradable too.

Fur farmers also make an important contribution to wildlife conservation. Farmed fur complements fur harvested as a part of wildlife management. By stabilizing prices in times of heavy demand, fur farmers help wildlife managers focus on ecological needs, not on market demands. As if that were not enough, fur is a superior insulatorthat is durable and exquisite to look at and touch. It’s not by chance people the world over love fur!

Contact: Teresa Platt, Executive Director, Fur Commission USA, PMB 506, 826 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118-2698 USA. Tel: (619) 575-0139. Fax: (619) 575-5578. E-mail: [email protected].

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitive and Smart
Six good reasons why environment-friendly consumers choose fur.

Fur Facts One-stop look at all aspects of the fur industry. (PDF format)

Mink Farming in the USA
Four-page leaflet produced by FCUSA.(Revised November 2005, PDF format)

STATISTICS: Including US mink production, US retail sales and global retail sales.


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