Neighbors Come to Aid of Utah Mink Farming Family

Aug 20, 2008 1 Comment


Neighbors Come to Aid of Utah Mink Farming Family

Early in the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 19, trespassers broke into the McMullin & Sons Fur Farm in South Jordan, Utah. About 800 mink pens were opened and the farm animals abandoned around the area. 

Lindsey McMullin, a third-generation mink farmer who runs the farm with his family, expressed thanks to the dozens of neighbors and farmers who helped recover the animals and return them to their pens.

“While we’ve spent our lives caring for the mink, the criminals who broke into the farm proved they have no concern at all for the animals,” he said. “They abandoned them right next to a busy road with tens of thousands of cars a day. Several of the animals were killed by traffic. Without the help of good neighbors, it would have been much, much worse.”

Other mink were found near a local school, almost dead from stress and dehydration.

The McMullin farm specializes in raising a fine black mink for use in natural fiber cold weather clothing. Sixty-six mink farms in Utah raise over 620,000 mink annually, for pelts valued at almost $41 million at auction.

Anyone who finds a lost mink should use caution and contact Teresa Platt at Fur Commission USA at 619-575-0139. A farmer will be dispatched to recover the animal. 

The FBI is investigating, and Det. Sam Winkler of the South Jordan Police Department is in charge of the criminal investigation. Anyone with information about the crime should contact him at 801-254-4708.

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