Mink Farm Raid : Neighbors Give Up Sunday Services to Help Family Farm

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Mink Farm Raid : Neighbors Give Up Sunday Services to Help Family Farm

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Kaysville, Utah: Just over a month after vandals damaged a mink farm in South Jordan, Utah, a similar crime was committed in Kaysville, about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City. Vandals broke into the farm early Sunday morning and opened thousands of pens. Thousands of loose mink were discovered during an early morning feed delivery.

“Three dozen good neighbors have been a great help in recovering the animals and returning them to their pens,” stated Ryan Holt, a mink farmer who was on the farm helping by 6 a.m. “By noon, almost all were settled down, had eaten and were sleeping after a stressful night.”

One of the local LDS leaders picked up a live trap to better enable neighbors to assist with the recovery efforts. A fair number of churchgoers sacrificed their Sunday services to help on the farm.

Farm-raised mink are drawn to the sound of traffic because they confuse it with the sound of the feed cart’s engine. Half a dozen mink were reported as lost on the road or drowned in nearby water bodies.

Sixty-six mink farms in Utah raise over 620,000 mink annually for use in natural fiber cold weather clothing. The pelts are valued at almost $41 million at auction.

Anyone who finds a lost mink should use caution and contact Teresa Platt at Fur Commission USA at 619-575-0139. A farmer will be dispatched to recover the animal.

FCUSA is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to conviction in any mink release.

The FBI is investigating and local police are investigating. Anyone with information about the crime should contact the Salt Lake City FBI at (801) 579-1400 or [email protected]

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