European Mink Production Growth in the Millions

Nov 23, 2011 1 Comment


(Note: The following is a translation provided by Google Translation of the Danish-language report “Millionvækst i europæisk minkproduktion”. This translation has not been approved by Kopenhagen Fur.)

During recent years, mink production in Europe increased by nearly seven million skins for now 35 million skins. It is particularly Eastern Europe who have had turbo in leather production.

The figures speak for themselves. Despite the financial crisis and poor economy becomes mink production in Europe just got bigger and bigger. In 2005, approx. 27.5 million mink pelts in Europe, while production in 2011 has increased to approx. 35 million mink pelts. The Danish mink production remains the world’s largest, with production estimated at 15 million pelts this year.

The recent enlargements has mainly occurred in Poland, Greece and the Baltic countries. In Poland alone, production has risen by nearly three million pelts the past six years, and Kopenhagen Fur’s area manager in Poland, Olger Scheepers, believes that this figure will rise by a few more millions.

“Production will probably continue to rise over the next few years, so Poland produces about 7 million skin instead of just under 5 million pelts produced here today. Conditions in Poland has been good, and production has been low. Therefore there is now more expensive and more skins. But now begins feed prices to rise and it will slow down a little fur production,” says Olger Scheepers.

In Lithuania, the production also increased. “People in Lithuania can see that the fur industry is a good industry to be in right now. Therefore, several growers have come to, but it has also made food production more expensive and so I think that production has now stabilized,” said the President of Lithuania Pelsdyravlerforening Ceslovas Tallet Kelpsa.

The increased production reflects the fact that global demand for fur has never been greater. In fact, fur sales have grown steadily since 1999, according to a statement from the international trade organization International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF). The value of the total fur retail sales have grown between 43 to 76 billion kroner.

The increased demand comes primarily from Asian countries, particularly China, but Russia, Europe and America are also experiencing strong demand.