Ecoterrorists’ Mother’s Day Act of Animal Cruelty

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Ecoterrorists’ Mother’s Day Act of Animal Cruelty

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA: Ecoterrorists forced their way into a mink farm early Sunday morning and broke up 200 litters of nursing mink from their mothers, putting at risk over 1,000 kits that are not expected to make it through the week.

“It’s a terrible Mother’s Day act of animal cruelty,” stated mink farmer Forrest Mindek, who found the crime scene when he checked on the mink in the morning.

As of mid-afternoon, about 20 adult female mink remained missing out of 200 stolen, then abandoned, by the intruders. Which mink mother went with which kits is a guess for the farm hands who will monitor the animals for stress and do their best to save as many as possible. One day to three weeks old, the kits are one inch to five inches long and weigh just ounces.

“We’ll try to match up the kits with their mothers or adopt them out to other females but it doesn’t always work. The kits can be rejected – many of them will die in the next few days,” explained Mindek who runs the family farm with his two brothers.

Rick Arritola of Mt. Angel, Oregon, knows how cruel such an attack can be during whelping season on a farm.(1) In May 1997, eco-terrorists stole over 10,000 mink from the Arritola Farm, mostly kits, and then abandoned them. About four thousand mink, primarily unweaned kits, succumbed shortly after.(2)

Arritola is now working with the farm hands at the Mindek farm, sharing what he learned from that awful experience in the hope that this will help save some of the 1,000 kits now at risk in Pennsylvania.

Mindek Brothers Fur Farm has bred mink for over 62 years and is known for the quality of its whites and pastels.

In April, eco-terrorists spiked trees and destroyed a crane in the Erie area, causing about half a million dollars worth of damage. “This could be the work of the same cell of eco-terrorists,” stated Teresa Platt, FCUSA’s executive director. “The attack on this fur farm will not reach that level of damage in financial terms but it exceeds it in terms of brutality. Such a calculated act of animal cruelty is simply unforgivable.”

“Such crimes are often done by eco-terrorists on a road trip,” added Platt. “Therefore resource providers and law enforcement in several states are now on alert.”

Pennsylvania state police and the FBI are investigating. Anyone who finds a lost mink should contact FCUSA.


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