Goodbye Plastic People

Hello “Wear Your Fur Friday”
As the days grow crisp and cold, Americans celebrate the rites of Fall: Football, Thanksgiving, jumping into piles of leaves… In an annual ritual, we put away the cool cottons and silks of summer and pull out the warm wools, leathers and furs of winter. There’s another ritual now on the calendar, “Wear Your Fur Friday”!

Sleek Seal Is Fashion’s “In” Skin

The following article first appeared in the National Post, Canada, Jan. 4, 2005, and is reproduced with the author’s permission. Body-conscious buyers drive price of pelt to record high By James Cowan for the National Post Boosted by softening attitudes toward the seal hunt and renewed international trade, seal pelt prices are breaking records as…

Threads: Falling in Love with Fur

Aspen’s Haute Couture This article by Tamara Leigh first appeared in Third Coast Digest. It started with going to see Anna Karenina before Christmas. I was captivated by the Dr. Zhivago-esque exquisiteness of the fur costumes—a visual treat for fashion followers like myself, and apparently the Oscar nominating committee, as Anna Karenina is up for Best Costume Design. Then I went…