American Legend Sale Closes on Firm Note

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International Fur News
with Sandy Parker

Legend Closes on Firm Note

The long, steady climb in mink prices appeared to level off last week at around the heights they had reached in March, but still enjoying strong demand. The season’s final sale at American Legend again attracted about 350 buyers in Seattle despite the relatively small size of the offering, although it was the last chance this year for buyers to acquire the Blackglama and other labeled skins their clients tend to feature. As had been expected, the collection was completely sold and the main buyers were Hong Kong/China, Korea and Greece/Russia. 

Again, darks comprised the major share of the collection, accounting for more than three-quarters of the regular quality goods. Greece/Russia dominated the male section with good support from China, while Korea took command of the females, followed by Greece and Hong Kong. Male prices, the company reported, were firm to slightly stronger compared to March, while females advanced as much as 5%. In the brown types, the mahogany and ranch wild males were described as firm to slightly easier, but the mahogany females very firm to advancing. Except for the 33,000 blue iris, there were only very small quantities of mutations. 


The preceding extract is reproduced with permission from Sandy Parker Reports, Weekly International Fur News. Sandy Parker has been covering the fur industry for more than four decades. For most of that time he has published a weekly newsletter, detailing results of international pelt auctions, wholesale price trends, business developments and movements in the trade, as well as economic and political activities that may impact on it.

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