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  • Fur and Shearling Take Center Stage at 2016 Fashion Weeks

    Fur and shearling made their mark across all four leading Autumn-Winter 2016 (AW 16) fashion weeks, with an estimated 70% of collections overall featuring the natural material. Considering that fur was also hugely prominent during the menswear AW 16 collections earlier in the year, it’s clear that designers and consumers are enjoying using and wearing natural materials in greater numbers.

  • Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights

    What’s the Difference?

    For the last 50 years or more, the debate has raged over the role of animals in human society, with particular reference to the ways in which we use them for our benefit.

  • The Colors of Mink

    A Rainbow of Choices

    As with developing an appreciation for the different colors and varieties of fine wines or diamonds, consumers can become just as discerning when choosing a mink garment or trim – choosing from an amazing spectrum of colors.

  • Humane Care Certification

    What is the Humane Care Merit Award Certification Program?

    The fur industry’s Humane Care Merit Award program, launched in 1989, was one of the first formalized humane care certification programs in U.S.

  • Grading Mink

    How to SuCCeeD!

    Prior to selling a mink crop, an auction house will subject pelts to close scrutiny and sort them into groups, or bundles, of the same quality. For a farmer to do well during grading, he must focus on four points all year long: Size, Color, Coverage and Density.

  • Animal “Snuff” Films

    Do They Depict Reality?

    These are films are the stuff of nightmares… animal life being taken, legally and illegally, “Animal snuff films” feature footage that is sometimes real but is too often staged.

  • Government & Industry Regulations

    Government Regulations Affecting Mink Fur Farming

    The status of farmed mink is recognized in US federal law (US Code Title 7, Chapter 7, § 433) and, in common with all livestock,

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